Blue Nctrn made a Kingdom Hearts III Frozen World Battle Theme and it is amazing!

Haley Joel Osment comments on Kingdom Hearts 3

That’s what I hear. Sometimes Sora goes back to being a child or goes to another universe or changes into somebody else so I can never say for sure, but hopefully I’ll be back.
Haley Joel Osment on returning as Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3


I saw the announcement and then talked with them a little on the phone. I started doing ‘Kingdom Hearts’ in 2001, and we’ve done the main series and then the Game Boy one. I feel like I’ve done seven or eight installments, which is awesome but with this, they’re making it now and the recording of the dialogue is one of the last parts of the process. Probably this summer or later
Haley Joel Osment talks about Kingdom Hearts 3


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